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Smarty Manual
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{if} statements in Smarty have much the same flexibility as PHP if statements, with a few added features for the template engine. Every {if} must be paired with an {/if}. {else} and {elseif} are also permitted. All PHP conditionals are recognized, such as ||, or, &&, and, etc.

The following is a list of recognized qualifiers, which must be separated from surrounding elements by spaces. Note that items listed in [brackets] are optional. PHP equivalents are shown where applicable.

QualifierAlternatesSyntax ExampleMeaningPHP Equivalent
==eq$a eq $bequals==
!=ne, neq$a neq $bnot equals!=
>gt$a gt $bgreater than>
<lt$a lt $bless than<
>=gte, ge$a ge $bgreater than or equal>=
<=lte, le$a le $bless than or equal<=
!notnot $anegation (unary)!
%mod$a mod $bmodulous%
is [not] div by $a is not div by 4divisible by$a % $b == 0
is [not] even $a is not even[not] an even number (unary)$a % 2 == 0
is [not] even by $a is not even by $bgrouping level [not] even($a / $b) % 2 == 0
is [not] odd $a is not odd[not] an odd number (unary)$a % 2 != 0
is [not] odd by $a is not odd by $b[not] an odd grouping($a / $b) % 2 != 0

Example 7-11. if statements

{if $name eq "Fred"}
	Welcome Sir.
{elseif $name eq "Wilma"}
	Welcome Ma'am.
	Welcome, whatever you are.

{* an example with "or" logic *}
{if $name eq "Fred" or $name eq "Wilma"}

{* same as above *}
{if $name == "Fred" || $name == "Wilma"}

{* the following syntax will NOT work, conditional qualifiers
   must be separated from surrounding elements by spaces *}
{if $name=="Fred" || $name=="Wilma"}

{* parenthesis are allowed *}
{if ( $amount < 0 or $amount > 1000 ) and $volume >= #minVolAmt#}

{* you can also embed php function calls *}
{if count($var) gt 0}

{* test if values are even or odd *}
{if $var is even}
{if $var is odd}
{if $var is not odd}

{* test if var is divisible by 4 *}
{if $var is div by 4}

{* test if var is even, grouped by two. i.e.,
0=even, 1=even, 2=odd, 3=odd, 4=even, 5=even, etc. *}
{if $var is even by 2}

{* 0=even, 1=even, 2=even, 3=odd, 4=odd, 5=odd, etc. *}
{if $var is even by 3}





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